$699.00 USD

Six months package

If you're ready to invest in very solid ongoing support for when writing gets hard, confusing, and/or lonely, this package is for you.  The sessions will help you stay on track instead of losing months to confusion and/or despair.

This is ideal for people working on a long-term project which will require different approaches at different stages. I can help you a ton in a single session, but this ongoing relationship will go deeper and, above all, will ensure you stay on track regardless of what blocks come up. 

You will leave each session with more clarity, perhaps some homework, usually at least one breakthrough, for sure a plan for your next steps!

You reach out, we meet and we dissolve the knots together, so that you can keep on writing instead of freezing.

You can use the sessions as frequently as you need depending on what you're working on or struggling with. You have up to six months to use your three sessions.

In each of these sessions you will gain clarity, finally understand patterns of thought that are blocking you and devise a way through them. We change the inner narrative so that you're never stuck for long and the writing keeps happening. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to meeting you!



PS: Si vives y trabajas en Latinoamérica, tienes el 20% de descuento con el código: LATINA

What previous clients have said about this package:

If something is calling you to do coaching with Laia, don’t second guess yourself. Laia is an amazing coach who can help you with anything writing-related and beyond. I stumbled onto Laia’s Escribir es un lugar program when I was looking for a course to improve my writing for policy-oriented research and human rights monitoring. I had once been an avid and fluid writer but increasingly even the simplest e-mail felt like a project. Laia’s program helped me reconnect with my love of writing and unveil some of the fears and fixed ideas that were making writing challenging. Continuing with individual coaching, I realized that my blank page anxiety was only a symptom of repressed interests and professional uneasiness. Laia helped me accept that what I believed was my “dream job” was not working for me and was actually undermining my confidence and sense of possibility. Working with her empowered me to value my knowledge and experience, leave my job and explore with curiosity and realism new opportunities. Her exercises allowed me to discover in a lighthearted but enlightening way my non-negotiables and preferences for a future job, and to let go the fears and expectations that were paralyzing me. Working with Laia has been like magic. I can’t overstate how much it has helped me to organize myself, overcome blockades and procrastination, embrace processes, be more compassionate with myself, and have greater clarity of my interests. She helped me transition jobs in the policy-advocacy world, revived my neglected love for writing, and even helped me to grow my artistry as a ballet dancer.”

Tatiana Brofft

I came into coaching somewhat skeptically, because I feared it would be a lot of “woo-woo” talk, and not concrete. But I knew I needed help because I could not keep on fighting my impostor phenomenon on my own, and because I was stuck with the revision of my novel. I stumbled across Laia’s coaching because I knew and loved her writing, and was interviewing her for a lit magazine. Through coaching with Laia, I got to some deeper truths about myself as a writer, which she then helped me navigate in practical ways that I found so helpful, and use to this day. Her method to deal with procrastination is a great example: suggesting specific techniques to confront and circumvent my tendency to procrastinate at any stage. This work was invaluable! Listen, if you’re serious about your writing, and you recognize that you need the help, do yourself the great good of working with Laia! She is a working writer, and brings her own experience as well as her skills as a coach. She is kind. She is a real human. And, she can help with our writerly problems.

Bix Gabriel